MODI GROUP(since 1982)


All our products can be customized as per the specifications of our clients w.r.t. GSM, weaves, counts, plying, color, finishing, width, etc. We cater to institutional requirements as well as to individual needs.


Tarpaulins are manufactured by impregnating waterproofing compounds into canvas with a wax coating. This increases the fabric weight by 30% to 55%. These are dyed with Direct, Reactive, Vat, Disperse, Sulphur, Acid dyes and pigments into various colours viz. Olive Green, Parrot Green, Khaki & any colour of client choice. Yarn used is 100% cotton, 100% polyester and polyester-cotton blends with different plies and counts. Differents weaves used are plain, rip stops, twils, oxford, etc. Fabrics can be weaved with different weft colours and patterns. Standard qualities vary from 150 gsm to 750 gsm. Standard Roll Sizes are 90, 120, 150, 180, & 210 cm. Tarpaulins are stiched as per client requirement. Eyeholes with metal rings and lacing are provided at the edges for tying.


We provide fabrics suitable for building different types of tents. These have been tested for durability, versatility & robustness.
Customized orders are always welcome. However, fabrics with the following properties are commonly used:
Fiber      : Cotton, Polyester, Polyester-Cotton
Weave   : Standard, Rip Stop, closely woven, etc.
GSM       : 120-600 (Duck Cotton), 80-150 (Polyester)    
Color          : Brown / Khaki / Olive Green / Black / White / Parrot Green / Steel Grey / Blue with                               Excellent Light Fastness
Properties : High Water Resistance, Rot proof, Anti-Bacterial, UV Resistant, Water Repellent,                               Flame Resistant, etc.
Finish         : Breathable
Handle        : Standard, Soft, Flexible

    Belting Cloth

We offer a wide range of fabrics in various widths for Conveyor / Belting Cloths (Patta) that are tough, durable and have high strength & endurance. These conveyor belts help in carrying heavy loads. These have two or three ply construction using 100% virgin cotton yarns of six or ten counts quality. Range starts from ~600 to ~1100 GSM. These fabric conveyors are designed as per the industrial standards.


Chagul or Canvas Water Bottles are widely used for carrying drinking water while travelling in trains, buses, by trekkers, by forest employees, by military men, etc. The degree of coolness of water contained in it is similar to the water contained in an earthen pot. The science for keeping the water cool is same as that for earthen pots. Some water evaporates from the pores on the cloth's surface, thus keeping the water inside cool.
Chagul is manufactured using very closely woven duck cotton cloth with no chemical treatment at all. The texture used is 100% cotton canvas of ~600 GSM. These are light weight, can be folded and easy to carry. These are biodegradable and are environment friendly. These can be tailor made with different sizes / capacities (3 L, 5 L, etc.).

    Fabrics for Bags

These are durable fabrics meant for making various types of bags. These fabrics possess an exquisite natural finish and provide for a perfect alternative to leather. Made from 100% natural cotton, these are completely Eco-friendly. Fabrics are available in different colors and printed designs & patterns. The fabrics can be dyed or printed. Printing can be done on one side or both sides. Rotary or Screen Printing is used. Commonly used width is 60". Special finishes are also available such as - Water repellent, Oil & Water repellent, Acid resistant, Anti static, Flame retardant, etc.


We offer canvas fabrics for making car covers, bike covers, ship covers, machine covers, statue covers, etc. for short-term or long term protection both indoors and outside.The fabric is first dyed / pigmented and then treated with a solution of wax & additives. Wax coatings from weights 30 GSM to 250 GSM are applied depending on end use. These Covers protect from dust, insects, moss, knocks, inquisitive eyes, frost, ice, snow, air borne pollution, mild dew, scuffs, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, wind borne particles, sun fading and general atmospheric muck & dirt and keep the covered entity cool.
Some important features of these fabrics are - Durable, Dust Resistant, Easy fitting, Light fastness, Water Proof / Water Repellent, Low Shrinkage, Rot Resistant, UV Resistant, Soft Handle, Heat Proof (To keep the interior cool during summer), Non-Scratching, Breathable (To ensure moisture to escape)
P.S.: Nylon covers are not recommended, as they do not allow to breathe and are very thin, offering little protection from scuffs and scrapes. Also any  dirt has nowhere to go resulting in micro-scratches.

    Fabrics for Shoes

These Fabrics are made of Cotton / PC with different constructions and weights. Gray Fabrics used are of 10 Oz, 12 Oz, 14 Oz, 15 Oz, 16 Oz, 24 Oz, etc.
Fabrics can be printed (Roller Printing / Screen Printing) on one side or both sides. Prints of various designs and patterns are available and can be customized. These can also be embossed with various designs. Different processes are also available to achieve rugged look, wash look, etc. Fabrics are also dyed using Azo Free Dyes. They can be processed to have soft finish or stiff finish. These can also be processed with Wax to give extra ordinary shine to the fabrics. These Fabrics can also be made Water Repellent.